Rose ceremonies are going to be different on The Bachelor NZ

The Bachelor NZ 13/03/2017

There's a big change coming to the new season of The Bachelor NZ, and we're not sure why just yet.

For the first time ever, The Bachelor New Zealand will introduce one single white rose to the ceremonies.

The Bachelor himself, Zac Franich, told Spy in an exclusive interview that we viewers will see the newly introduced white rose at the very first cocktail party.

THREE have not revealed the significance of the white rose yet, although it has been speculated to mean that the Bachelorette who receives it is safe from elimination for at least two rose ceremonies. 

Either that... or she is allowed to plan a special "one-on-one" date with The Bachelor, OR even crush a date he's on with another Bachelorette! 

“It was a bit of added pressure because I’d only just met everyone. To single someone out at the first cocktail party was a bit intimidating, but it was exciting too, and was definitely a talking point among the girls,” Franich, 28, told Spy.

“All the women I met on the first night were amazing — but there were a few who made a great first impression, and I knew I wanted to get to know them better straight off the bat. But this rose gave them an advantage so I had to make sure I chose wisely.”

“I can’t say too much, you’ll have to tune in and find out. What I can tell you is that getting the white rose is a good thing — for a start it acts like a red rose in that it saves the recipient from elimination for the first ceremony. So getting it at the cocktail party instantly took the pressure off for one bachelorette ... but it also has other magical powers!”

The Bachelor NZ season three premieres at 7pm on THREE this Sunday.