RIP: Snapchat is officially a 'dying' social media platform

trending 31/03/2017

RIP Snapchat, it was fun while it lasted. 

All good things come to an end, right? Well unfortunately for our old mate Snapchat, that saying is all too true. 

Snapchat has been viewed as the "sweetheart" of the social media world for years now, but over the past 3-6 months things appear to have changed... and Snappers is no longer the hot topic anymore. 

The social media app claims to be worth $19 billion dollars... but is it really worth that anymore? Is it growing or dying?

There are numerous professionals and analysts that are pointing to the latter... and for countless reasons too. 

Snapchat's growth slowed down dramatically towards the end of 2016, especially when Instagram and Facebook both launched their own versions of 'Stories' into the market.

Instagram Stories have "crippled Snapchat user growth by 82%" since lauching in August last year... yeeoouch that's gotta hurt!

Believe it or not, but Snapchat now has less active users than Twitter (which is what's known as a "dying social channel" in the digital world).

Check out the most recent stats below for active user numbers:

Facebook: 1,871 Million
WeChat: 846 Million
Instagram: 600 Million
Twitter: 317 Million
Snapchat: 300 Million

Although user engagement is still high in comparison to other social media platforms, Snapchat has still not been able to make the most of its potential in terms of revenue or useful to potential advertisers.

Either way, the future isn't looking good...

Unless they change their strategy and set themselves apart from other "copy cat" apps like Instagram, then they don't really stand a chance at surviving in the social media world.