Justin Timberlake's FB post will literally melt your heart

scandal 06/03/2017

Justin Timberlake just proved her's the best husband ever... 

If his latest Facebook postis anything to go by, then it's pretty clear to see that our main main JT isn't afraid of publicly declaring his love for his wife Jessica Biel! 

Justin posted a thoughtful and loving message on his Facebook page for Jessica's 35th birthday and we are seriously swooning.

He posted a cute wee selfie of him the two of them (and he's kissing her cheek nawwww) with the below caption:

"You make me laugh. You make me smile. You make me LOVE. You make me want to be BETTER. Speaking of, it doesn’t get any BETTER than you… Now, I know for sure that it’s BETTER to be lucky than good. Ask me who the luckiest guy in the world is and I will tell you that you are looking at him. Happy Birthday, my heart. –J"