Here are the Beanie Babies that could actually make you rich

trending 13/03/2017

Remember Beanie Bears?

Yeah you do, we all had about 100 of them. Anyway, these are the ones that could actually make you rich.

(Dammit, we could have been millionaires if we held onto these bloody Beanie Bears... ughhhhhhhhhhh).

1. Valentino Bear 

This one is currently on sale for $6,000 (US) on eBay.

2. Princess Diana Purple Bear 

The most recent sale of this 1997 bear went for £65,000! There are also some for sale on Etsy right now for £5,000.

3. Curly Bear

There's one on sale right on Ebay now for $23,000 (US).

4. Claude the Crab

Yeah that's right - it's not just the bears that bring in the big bucks. This Beanie Crab is currently going for $9,999 (US) on Ebay.

5. Patti the Platypus

These cute wee purple soft toys is currently on sale for £2,500.

6. Any of the 9 Original Beanie Babies 

These include: Chocolate the Moose, Cubbie the Bear, Flash the Dolphin, Legs the Frog, Pincher the Lobster, Splash the Orca Whale, Spot the Dog, Squealer the Pig and of course Patti the Platypus.