Chloe from Geordie Shore forced to go under the knife again

scandal 30/03/2017

Chloe Ferry has opened up about a particularly scary side-effect of having a nose job, revealing that the surgery has left with her nostrils too narrow to breathe in air from.

The Geordie Shore star has announced that she's ready to fix the situation by going under the knife again, telling The Sun: “I’m going to get another nose job because I’m not very happy with my nose."

Pointing out that being unable to breathe actual air is a massive drawback, she said: “Basically, my nose is just so small. It’s too small and I can’t breathe. I’m going to have my nostrils widened.

The situation is so bad Chlo has to go about her daily life with deliberately flared nostrils, adding: “When I flare them open I can breathe better. I’m just going to get them a little bit widened."

Credit: MTV