Brace yourselves, a new Matrix movie is coming

scandal 15/03/2017

Warner Bros is looking to relaunch The Matrix, the beloved 90s action sci-fi franchise.

The studio hasn't officially announced its reboot, but both Deadline and The Hollywood Reporter are reporting they've spoken to insiders that confirm the project is a go.

Zak Penn is said to be working on the script of the new movie, after writing the likes of The AvengersLast Action HeroX-Men 2 and Ready Player One.

The involvement of the Wachowskis - creators of the original films - is currently unclear.

The Matrix won four Academy Awards after its 1999 release and spawned two sequels that raked in in US$1.8 billion worldwide as a trilogy.

The ground-breaking special effects are credited with having a major effect on Hollywood action films and the mythology of an alternate reality is often referenced in pop culture and by online groups.

Credit: Newshub.