Some of your fave chocolate bars are being made smaller

trending 06/02/2017

Chocolate bars will be shrinking to meet the new tightened targets for reducing sugar.


Cravings wise THIS SUCKS. But we're kinda glad as the health of the nation can only improve. Sugar is of course the biggest killer, so, as cliche as it sounds…we’ll thank ’em later.

The chocos getting the biggest chop are Twix, Toblerone, Mars, Snickers, and Dairy Milk… We know, it’s going to be okay.

And if you're feeling like the world has just ended, you're in luck. The one ~good~ thing to come from this *besides the health benefits* is that your fave sweet treats could be reduced not only in size, but also price.

(Which sounds like a no-brainer to us, less chocolatey-heavenly-goodness = less money, but they apparently have not decided yet).