Tinder allows you to scan randoms to see if they're single

trending 23/02/2017

Welcome to the future kids. First it was the ability to 'Shazam' real life objects, and now this. 

Introducing the Tinder of the future, future versions of the app can tell users if strangers are single simply by pointing their phones at them according to Tinder's CEO Sean Rad. SOLD.

This technology is super similar to that used in apps like Pokemon Go *RIP* and can even offer to help you plan a date using info about their interests. ~Lowkey kinda creepy~

Sean admitted it may sound a lil scary, and even said in five years time Tinder might be so good it could pop and say, 'There’s someone down the street you might be attracted to. She’s also attracted to you. She’s free tomorrow night. We know you both like the same band, and it’s playing - would you like us to buy you tickets?'.

WHAT. We're not ready for the future.