iPhone 8 to feature wireless charging and mega-sized battery

trending 16/02/2017

Apple has wasted no time with coming up with the amazing new features for the iPhone 8 and if the rumours are true, we’re in for a treeeeeeeeeat!

A new report has claimed that the next iPhone will come with wireless charging. So, the days of untangling your chargers are almost over, YES APPLE. But that’s not all! 

No matter how much faster, thinner or bigger iPhones get each year, pretty much every user have one consistent complaint: the painfully small improvements to the device's sh*tty battery life. 

Apple are apparently boosting the power of the upcoming iPhone 8 by fitting a bigger battery into a smaller package. FINALLY.

One depressing side not that we have to add, the new iPhone is set to be their most expensive yet. Awesome, thanks Apple. Coming in hot at $1,000 USD, you'll have to have a spare $1,500 NZD if you have any dreams of getting your hands on Apple latest smart phone. #WorthIt