Insta couple Jay Alvarrez and Alexis Ren savage Twitter rant

scandal 23/02/2017

Love is officially dead. Jay and Alexis (Instagram's most photogenic couple) have split and holy sh*t it's hasn't been a pretty-filter-covered break up that's for sure.

If you're reading this and have literally no idea who the hell we're talking about, the Instagram-famous 'it' couple Jay Alvarrez and Alexis Ren first made it big when they basically invented the idea of of #relationshipgoals. 

Jay and Alexis were famous for snapping up a storm in exotic locations all over the world and their #fomo inducing travel pics. 

It's been rumoured that there's been trouble in paradise for a couple of months now, and sh*t Alexis has just put some major truth behind the claims after a savage rant calling out not only Jay's penis size, but how the "fuckboy" allegedly ended things.

Sh*t, girl went innnnnnnnn. Jay stayed relatively quiet until that last comment, to which he responded with PROOF that he's not slacking in the dick department... Enjoy.