Here's who could be replacing Beyoncé at Coachella

trending 24/02/2017

Jay Z

Look lets be real, Jay Z was probably going to be at Coachella with his wife anyway. They have been frequent visitors to Coachella since he headlined back in 2010. Beyonce even joined him on stage so it was pretty much a given that he would likely show up for her set. BEYONCE APPROVES.

Kanye West

He headlined Coachella back in 2011, and also replaced Frank Ocean after he pulled out. So this man's looking like a winner with his experience. Coachella would be an epic comeback after taking some time out after some ~weird behaviour~

Daft Punk

Who doesn't want French electronic DJ's dressed as robots at Coachella? Plus, there have been rumours of a tour!

Lady Gaga

Who better to replace the Queen of R&B than the Queen of pop. She's fresh off her insane Super Bowl performance and has a brand new album. Plus it's been 8 years since they teamed up for their hit "Telephone" so it's about time these two join forces again. Who knows, maybe this was the plan all along... The music video does end with "to be continued..."


Rihanna crashed Calvin Harris' set at Coachella 2016 and more recently Paul McCartney's Desert Trip set so she's basically a pro at this. Plus her website doesn't have any current tour dates listed so we're taking that as she's free!

Bruno Mars

Bruno is yet to play at Coachella which is so crazy to us, it would be huuuuuuuge. How epic would this be!