Exciting new Spotify update pairs playlists with weather

scandal 09/02/2017

Let's face it... weather has a huge impact on what we listen to.

When the sun's shining, we want upbeat tunes but the same can't be said on rainy days. We love to drown our sorrows in a slow acoustic ballad. 

Thankfully, Spotify understands our need for weather inspired songs. They paired with Accuweather to create a new website that coincides with the weather we are experiencing and it's called Climatune.

Climatune will give you a brief description of the weather where you live and give you suggestions of what songs to listen to based off what people around you are streaming.

Pretty cool, right?

Photo credit: Digital Trends

If you’re not feeling the playlist you’ve been given, the website lets you change the weather on the upper left hand corner of the page.

The interactive background will also change to reflect the weather in your area. The best thing is you can have fun with the background too!

At least we can now rest assured we aren’t the only one revelling in sad songs when it’s cold and rainy outside.