Apple could be releasing new and improved iPhones next month

trending 22/02/2017

If there's no chance of holding out until September for the new iPhone 8 release, you're in luck. 

Rumour has it Apple are going to launch a new iPhone next bloody month, but probably not what you'd expect...

According to AppleInsider, Apple are looking to update the iPhone 7 range as well as their iPads in March, but are still planning to announce a 7s or special edition iPhone later this year! IT'S A WIN WIN.

There's no word yet on what the updates to the iPhone will actually be. It could be a 128GB capacity version of the iPhone SE or even just a new colour option for the 7.

But being the iconic phone's 10th anniversary, there are high expectations on what the special edition model and its features might look like when it's announced!