'Stranger Things' season 2 offical pics and plot revealed

trending 10/02/2017

It’s about as difficult to defeat a Demogorgon as it is to get secrets out of the cast and crew of Stranger Things. As much as we've tried, little is known about its new plot… until now.

Stranger Things season 2 begins nearly a year after the first installment. Will has rejoined his pals after being rescued from Things’ alternate dimension, but all is not well with young Mr. Byers, as evidenced by the slug he coughed up in season 1’s final moments.

Barb... Yeah, she's still dead. But producer Shawn Levy has suggested that being dead isn't necessarily a barrier to the character playing a big role in the second series of the show.

Season 2 is set for global release in October. The first episode takes place on Halloween in 1984, in the first teaser you can see Hawkins, and Mike, Will, Lucas and Dustin dressing up as the characters from the movie Ghostbusters.