This simple hack lets you use Snapchat without data or wifi

trending 19/01/2017

Because who needs data and wifi these days, anyway? 

This latest Snapchat hack is neeccckkkk level guys. It's something we've always dreamed of, but never been able to do... until now.

There's not one, but THREE hacks that allow you to upload your cute af selfie without data or wifi - check them out!


If you take a pic using Snapchat's camera, and then save it to Snapchat Memories, you can then post it at a later date without the need for wifi or data. Whaaaaaaaaaat? How did we not even know this until now? LIFE. CHANGING. 


Like the photos you save from Snapchat to Snapchat Memories, the camera roll also lets you send any pic via Snapchat without data or wifi nowadays. 

Select them the same way you would via Snapchat Memories.


We all know this one by now, but hey we thought it was still worth including just incase! 

You can always post a snap to your story when you've got no data or wifi source. It will tell you the snap "failed" to send, but it will also give you the option to send it when you get access to data and wifi.