Meet Brad Pitt's rumoured (and super hot) new GF

scandal 17/01/2017

Look let's get this straight people, no one, and we mean NO ONE, will ever be able to live up to the pairing that was #Brangelina.

Now that that's out of the way, we'd like to introduce the next 'couple-of-the-century' contender #Krad... okay that doesn't sound as good as we thought. Let's go with #Brudson.

After weeks of speculation about whether or not she's actually dating Brad, it looks like Kate Hudson has let the cat out of the bag, having been overheard confirming their relationship to friends.

Not only that, the two love birds were spotted leaving the Golden Globes afterparty together for what we can only imagine as the best night of Kate's life. 

Photo credit: 2016 Getty Images

What do we think fam? Is this new relationship too soon after all the divorce drama? Or is #Brudson the new 'it' couple?