Kim Kardashian's stolen jewellery melted down and sold

scandal 30/01/2017

After finding out around 3 weeks ago that the group of men and women who robbed Kim Kardashian at gunpoint in Paris had been taken into custody by police, we've now heard the first statement by the man who was reportedly the 'mastermind' of the incident. 

60-year-old Aomar Ait KIhedache (AKA 'The Old Man') was allegedly the ringleader, and according to French media outlet Le Monde, he has told police all of Kardashian's jewellery has been melted down and no longer exists - except her $6 million (NZD) engagement ring from husband Kanye West.

He said that the vast majority of the jewellery was taken apart, melted down, and sold. In his testimony, he said:

"For the jewellery never to be recognised, we made the decision to melt them. One of the people took care of it. 

He came back with bars. [...] [All] in all, there had to be 800 and a few grams, which gave an amount of ah … 25,000 or 28,000 [€], something like that.”

The process of 'melting down' the stolen goods was chosen due to the fact that the jewellery is immediately recognisable, and the Kardashian robbery was extremely high-profile, something the group of career criminals were apparently not expecting.

Um, you robbed Kim freaking Kardashian. Of course it's going to be HIGH PROFILE you idiots.