Here's what happens if you leave your tampon in for too long

scandal 18/01/2017

We've all been guilty of this tbh...

Here's four things that will happen if you accidentally leave your tampon in for too long ladies. And believe us, you will not wanna leave it in for too long after reading this. 

Dolly Magazine spoke to Dr Mary Jane Minkin about what really happens when you leave an old mate in for too long. Mary is a professor of "obstetrics and gynecology" at Yale University, so she really knows her stuff! 


If you leave your Tampy in for too long, you might experience a bit of dryness and discomfort. Tampons are known to make your vaginal walls a bit too dry, so remember to change them out on time.

If the dryness causes too much discomfort maybe take a break and use pads until the moisture is recoverd. 


Let's be honest, no girl wants to smell bad "down there" - but sometimes we have no choice, especially when it's shark week.

Just an FYI it isn't actually the blood that smells, it's the bacteria that develops on the tampon.  The longer the tamp is left in, the smellier it gets. Ughhhhh. 


Every girl should already be aware of this one by now, but it's important to tick it off just incase some of you didn't already know. 

TSS (otherwise known as Toxic Shock Syndrome) is one of the more common side effects that come from leaving a tampon in for too long. 

This infection is caused from a buildup of bacteria, and can be serioulsy dangerous, even fatal in some cases. Symptoms incluce a high fever, low blood pressure and skin that looks like it's been burnt from boiling water!


You may experience "leaking" after leaving a tampon in for too long. Most girls commonly get a brown, watery discharge come out if the tampon had been left in for 12 hours or more.

Mary says the colour will be darker, depending on how long the tampon is left in. 

You can read more about what happens if you leave your tampon in for too long over at Dolly Magazine