Everyone is talking about Kylie Jenner's lips at the moment

trending 10/01/2017

Kylie Jenner's lips have always been a hot topic in the media... but this time they're being talked about for an entirely different reason.

She has always been known for her big juicy lips, and even admitted to getting lip fillers last year after months and months of speculation - but at last night's Golden Globes her lips appear to have decreased in size quite dramatically! 

Jenner walked the red carpet with her sister Kendall, and her lips were noticeably different and way less "plumped."

Take a look at these pics - the below photo is what they normally look like, and the following one is that they looked like at the awards.

Could this be the start of a newer, more natural look for Kylie? If so, we lovveeeeeeeee it.

P.s how adorbs were their outfits?