Miley and Liam have been spotted house hunting in Aussie

scandal 12/12/2016

Look lets be honest, we were a lil dissapointed when Miley gave us Kiwi's a water downed version of her #Bangerz tour. But the fact that she might be moving less than 4 hours away from us totally makes up for it.

According to The Daily Telegraph, the couple are reportedly looking to make their trips more permanent as they were spotted house hunting in Byron Bay!

#Miam have their eyes on a NZD $4.7 million property next door to Liam's brother Chris and his wife Elsa, who recently moved back to Australia from America.

'Miley has loved her trips down under, and she's become incredibly close to Elsa,' they told the Woman's Day.

She is really envious of the laid-back life they led in Bryon Bay and would love to try living there for a while.