Lorde's surprise performance for homeless LGBTQ community

This is actually the sweetest thing we've seen aaaaaall day.

Our girl Lorde has finally "come out of hiding" with a spine-tingling performance in support of homeless LGBTQ youth in New York City.

She performed a cover of Swedish pop singer Robyn's ballad, 'Hang With Me', accompanied on the piano by musician Jack Antonoff on Monday night (local time).

The performance was as unexpected as it was moving - Lorde was not mentioned on the event's official bill.

The Kiwi singer has been working in the studio alongside Antonoff on her upcoming album. According to Antonoff, the song is one they "played in the studio so many times".

One audience member was so impressed by the rendition that he attributed skin-clearing, problem-solving and life-saving qualities to the performance.

Antonoff put on The Ally Coalition Talent Show at Webster Hall, with performances from Carly Rae Jepsen, CHVRCHES' Lauren Mayberry and Charli XCX. Comedians, including Antonoff's girlfriend Lena Dunham, also performed.