Margot Robbie named most popular actor of 2016

scandal 06/12/2016

Each year IMDB release an annual list of their 'top stars' based on how many people view each actors IMDB page from more than 250 million users!

Look let's be real, it’s no surprise that Aussie actress Margot Robbie (aka everyones-fave-villan/can-we-seriously-be-best-friends-though) Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad was named the top star of 2016.

Right behind her is none other than the Mother of Dragons herself Emilia Clarke. *QUEEEEEEEN*

So cool seeing some of our fave gals are totally owning the list, for the full list see below:

IMDb’s top 10 stars of 2016
1.    Margot Robbie
2.    Emilia Clarke
3.    Millie Bobby Brown
4.    Tom Hardy
5.    Morena Baccarin
6.    Gal Gadot
7.    Alicia Vikander
8.    Daisy Ridley
9.    Haley Bennett
10.  Leonardo DiCaprio