Here's 8 people who should be the next Prime Minister of NZ

trending 06/12/2016

John Keyyyyyy….what’s happened??  You’ve resigned and left the whole country belly up and wondering what the hell is going on.

And, while Bill English looks set to take over the most important job in Aotearoa, The Urban List figure Joe Public deserves a say, too.

Without further ado here are The Urban List votes (in no particular order) of who they think should be the next Prime Minister of New Zealand.

John Campbell

Television ditched him, despite the country’s protests and it’s a well-known fact that Mr John Campbell gives a serious shit about the underdog which makes him a top candidate as the next Prime Minister. And, given the fact that every second Kiwi has been left feeling like an underdog, then maybe it’s about time a new John stepped into the limelight. We reckon everyone would have luxuries like, you know, food. And a roof over their head.

Suzy Cato

She pretty much educated an entire generation, so it’s completely natural that Suzy Cato would be on our list of who should be New Zealand’s next Prime Minister. She’d have everyone smiling and waving and make sure everything is A-Ok. We’d be the friendliest nation on the planet in no time.

Jemaine Clement

Was New Zealand world-famous before Flight of the Concords? Maybe, but Jemaine certainly helped put us on the map. With his dry wit and deadpan face, Jemaine would lead New Zealand further onto the global stage and show that you don’t need to be completely OTT to make a difference—America, we’re looking at you. We’d sure be a fly on the wall when he met Trump.

Art Green

As New Zealand’s first Bachelor, all eyes were on Art Green when he had the chance to date a dozen women on television. Let’s face it, the guy should have been a fad, dying out after he whisked Matilda away for love. But, it turns out the general public were wrong—he has a sharp business mind, is actually genuine about his feelings and already knows he needs to escape overseas if he wants some alone time. If that doesn’t prepare him to be a Prime Minister, what will?

Gilda Kirkpatrick

Another reality TV star who surprised the nation is Gilda Kirkpatrick. With flashing eyes, she’ll lay down the law, listen when someone’s upset, shoot a gun (not sure why you’d need that but it’s still kinda cool) and see right through other people’s bullshit. We figure she’d rule New Zealand in style, too.

Dr. Chris Warner

Okay, we get it, he’s technically not a person. More a character of sorts. But pretty much the entire nation knows Dr. Chris Warner. Michael who? (We bet you had to think about that one….it’s Michael Galvin, the actual guy's name) He’s been a part of our longest running soap for so long he’s infiltrated every home in the country at some stage or another. That level of saturation would be pretty hard to beat and, given he can run a hospital, surely a nation wouldn’t be too different?

Anika Moa

If there’s one woman who’s got it going on, it’s Anika Moa. Sharp as a tack, a great singer and probably the funniest woman in the country, she’s one woman who would call out the fuckers and leave the rest of us with tears streaming down our cheeks—in laughter, of course. She’s overtly political, has an opinion about anything and everything and even managed to recently get Jake the Muss and Beth back together. If she can do that, who knows what else she can do?

Richie McCaw

Everyone knows that rugby is religion here in Aotearoa and so with his track record as the most capped rugby player of all time, leading a team of giant men winning back-to-back World Cups, then that makes him pretty much, you know, GOD. Surely adding a few million to the number of people he needs to inspire, train and lead shouldn’t be too big of a deal?

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