Gaz publicly confesses he wants Charlotte back

trending 07/12/2016

When people ask us what we wan't for Christmas, we normally have no f*cking clue. This year however, there is only one thing we want. Charlotte and Gaz to get back together and our hope for love to be restored.

Well after exclusively opening up to MTV, all hope is not lost and Christmas may actually come early after Gaz reveals that he may have made a huge mistake, and he wants to get back with Charlotte!

Opening up about his decision to MTV, Gaz exclusively told their 'Confession Cam':

I've pulled birds in Kavos, I've pulled birds in Ibiza but do you know what it is? Since Sophie's (Charlotte's bestfriend) been here, it's made us realise that I actually do miss Charlotte and I'm gutted she's not here.


He added:

So, what I'm gonna do now to prove to everyone in this house that I do wanna be with her is, I'm not gonna pull anymore. Sophie's gonna go home and tell Charlotte what I'm doing, and I think this is what I need to do to speak to Charlotte again. At least I can go home and go look, I realised halfway through that, 'what am I doing? I do wanna be with you'.

*Disclaimer: This was revealed in a upcoming episode of Geordie Shore - Gaz is now in a relationship with model Emma McVey* (We've tagged her Insta so you can have a wee stalkey).

For the full story, check out MTV's exclusive right here!