Where are the OG Bachelorettes from The Bachelor NZ now?

Pics 01/11/2016

With the official casting call for The Bachelor New Zealand season 3 being sent out over the weekend, we thought we'd take a trip down memory lane and see where all our fave #OGBachelorettes from season one are today.

Remember Chrystal, Alysha, Dani and Poppy? Well we did a bit of an Insta stalk on them to see what they've been up to. 

You can see what they've all been up to below!

1. Poppy Salt 

Poppy is still going strong with her yoga career - her Insta is full of yoga poses and healthy eating snaps!

She is happily in a relationship with her new man Jacob Macdonald who she took to meet her family earlier this year.

2. Alysha Jade Brown 

Alysha still takes first place as the hottest Engligh teacher in New Zealand!

She hangs out with her best friend Samuel, who is also a very social butterfly - you will always see Alysha out and about at festivals and events. 

3. Amanda Macdonald 

Amanda has been holidaying in the islands with her family since finishing up season one of The Bachelor NZ.

She is also happily settled down in a relationship with her new man, Adam Vodanvich.

4. Bridgette Dickson

Our gal Bridgette has done a bit of travelling in Europe since being on The Bachelor NZ.

From looking at her Instagram page, we can see that she always makes time to catch up with her fellow Bachelorettes!

5. Chrystal Chenery

Chrystal is still quite visible under the public eye, so there's nothing too new to report on her... from looking at her Instagram we can see that she's still a yoga nut!

There are a few pics of her with a mystery man, but we can't tell if they're actually in a relationship or not.

6. Dani Robinson

Dani is all about healthy living and social events! Like Chrystal, she is also a yoga nut.

She is also fully loved up with her boyfriend Logan Dodds (aka the hot tradie).

Her Insta is full of fitness, event and cute couple pics. Nawwwwwwwww!

7. Lisa O'Loughlin

Lisa was our sister station, More FM's Wild Card.

She calls herself a 'Sports Commentator/Opinionator' on her Twitter page, and she loves getting out and about in nature!

8. Matilda Rice

And lastly we've got Matilda, our leading lady!

As you're probs well aware of, Matty spends a lot of her time with NZ's #OGBachelor, Art Green.

She has over 100k followers on Instagram now, and is also the brand ambassador for Jockey Underwear! You go, Glen Coco.