Sharyn Casey "This is why you're wrong about Kanye West"

scandal 28/11/2016

Our gal Shaz has been L.A. all week thanks to Air New Zealand Grabaseat, and while there she has gone through a wee bit of an epiphany, and it envolves none other than Kanye West himself. So sit tight, and prepare to have your minds blown.  

I’m in LA at the moment and today is Thanksgiving, everyone's behaviour is as if it’s Christmas, they walk past you and cheerily say “Morning! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!”

Not everyone will have that cheery day though, for example Kanye West who has been in the UCLA medical centre for 3 days.

For those that have been under a rock Kanye cancelled the remainder of his Pablo World Tour a day after going in on Beyonce and Jay Z on stage for health reasons and people hated him for it, they went on social media straight away with their opinions.

Little did these people know that Kanye was hours away from having a psychiatric breakdown and be handcuffed to a gurney on a 5150 hold and his wife Kim Kardashian-West on the first plane back to LA from New York.

An update on Kanye’s condition is that it’s a lot more serious that sleep and water deprivation and he will remain in hospital for longer than the Thanksgiving holiday.

The thing that pisses me off about this whole situation is that people have been mocking Kanye when he is struggling badly with mental illness, think about the last month or so he’s had: His wife was robbed at gunpoint, bound and tied then dumped into a bath, something that would haunt every husband that he wasn’t there to protect his wife who has been struggling ever since, then he’s had a falling out with his friends Jay Z & Beyonce, working on a clothing line and doing a grueling tour at the same time - It’s ALOT on somebody's plate.

Photo credit: Getty Images

When it comes to Kanye though, I feel like we’re all getting it so wrong.  Yes he does outrageous stuff but I personally believe that he’s turning it on for PR, Like Tupac used to do, Angie Martinez the most famous hip hop radio DJ of all time said that before an interview Tupac would be normal and then soon as it started he would be so over the top and crazy but she could tell he was completely in control of what he was saying, he knew it would have him as the biggest entertainment headline the next day- To an extent I think Kanye is the same.

The reason WHY I think this is that in LA I spent a night observing Kanye West in a booth with his best friend, OKC basketballer Russell Westbrook and a whole lot of other Basketballers at the LA celeb hot spot The Nice Guy. The Nice Guy is where celebrities go to be seen and photographed but Kanye was so different, I think he just loved the mac n cheese and pizza he was eating.

This is how my Kanye West experience went down:
I was sitting in a booth with my friends and I saw a Yeezy T shirt, I looked up and my jaw dropped, instead of eviling a fan that was blowing massive cover Kanye beamed a friendly smile and walked to his table.

I then made my husband swap seats with me so I could slyly watch Kanye and it was so interesting! There was no loud, opinionated, dominating Kanye. He wasn’t on his phone all the time like his friends, he sat back and listened to his friends, could see him asking questions, he wasn’t looking around to see who else was there and he was extremely polite to all of the wait staff and at one point he asked them to see if his security guard had enough to eat.

In The Nice Guy there’s one toilet for men and one for women but they’re in the same stall, my husband walked out and Kanye was waiting to go and he wasn’t fazed he just “Hey bro” smiled and went in after him.
There was literally not one piece of evidence of him being a dick, he was lovely and left a big tip for the wait staff on the way out.

If you watch Keeping up the with Kardashians that’s the Kanye you’ll also see, softly spoken, thoughtful, passionate about his art, a family guy who adores his wife and children and that’s why I think all the haters have got it wrong.

You’re seeing the highlighted bold passionate artist moments of a Kanye, before you go hard on him on social media, take a step back and think about it, Mental illness is a real thing and he deserves the well wishes to get better.

Sharyn writes from Los Angeles, thanks to our mates at Air New Zealand’s grabaseat.