There's now a chocolate that can cure period cramps

Just last week we discovered why girls crave chocolate on their period... AND NOW WE DON'T HAVE TO FEEL BAD ABOUT IT *YUSSSSSSSSS*

Some genius has created a chocolate that might be able to cure your ("I'm about to murder someone in a hot sec if this pain doesn't chill the f*ck out") period cramps.

"Chocolate With Love" (perfect name) claims their latest creation, "Frauenmond", which means "Women's Moon", can ease you from all your pain during that time of the month.

Photo credit: Chocolate With Love

Wait this all sounds too good to be true? How the hell can chocolate save us from our helish destiny?

The chocolate's ingredient list includes 17 different 'herbs' that apparently work together to soothe the body.

Then again, guys can totally eat the chocolate too. So, even if your boyfriend isn’t dying from cramps, he can buy both of you a bar (and pay for the international shipping) when it does become available.

Because sometimes, a box of chocolate is the only thing that can make you feel better.