Stranger Things star opens up about self-harming

trending 08/11/2016

Shannon Purser who plays Barb on 'Stranger Things' has opened up about her struggle with self-harm. 

She took to Twitter with a powerful message about overcoming self-harm. The 19-year-old shared a pic of a razor blade with the below caption:

"*TRIGGER WARNING* I haven't self-harmed in years, but I kept this around, "just in case." I forgot it was there & now it's in the trash."

She then posted a follow-up tweet, "Recovery is possible. Please don't give up on yourself."

Shannon also spoke to ET about her painful past, "I'm so happy to be able to help others people by talking about my struggles. I guess I'd just say, 'You're worthy of love, valuable, and beautiful. You can and will get through this.'"

We are so inspired by you, Barb!