Science reveals why girls crave chocolate on their period

scandal 03/11/2016

Beside the cramps, being one hell of a moody B, a tad emotional, sensitive (both physically and emotionally *aka serious case of sensy nips*) and crying your eyes out to a Celine Dion song... craving a good chunk of choco is another big sign you're about to get your period.

And all thanks to some much smarter people than ourselves, we finally know why girls crave a wee chocolatey treat before their period.

Researchers from the National Institute of Nutrition and Food Technology just found out that a woman’s menstrual cycle does actually have an effect on her eating habits and caloric intake. (So it's not just us being greedy pigs lel, thank f$%k for that!)

The people who took part in the study ate more calories per day during the periovulatory phase (when ovulation is initiated) and the luteal phase (after ovulation and before your period).

So if you find yourself stuffing your face full of carbs and chocolate when you're on period, take a chill, live it up, and #treatyoself gurl... Why? Because Science. Period.