Naz and her boyfriend have reportedly broken up

scandal 09/11/2016

Media reports surfaced yesterday claiming that The Bachelor NZ's Naz and her boyfriend Craig Sutherland had broken up. 

After numerous outlets started reporting the story, Naz decicded to hit back at NZ media saying they had "officially" broken up.

Speaking with Newshub, she revealed that her and Craig "still love each other" and that the break-up is not yet confirmed.

"Sometimes these things happen in the heat of the moment, when someone has an argument. But, yeah, I'm not going to say if we're together or broken up, that's personal," she says.

"All I've got to say is it's best not to jump to any conclusions. I love Craig and he loves me and I'll leave it at that."

She went on to say that her and Craig would like to be left alone to deal with their relationship issues. 

"Just like any other relationship, there's hiccups. We just need a bit of space, neither Craig or I want to comment," she says.

"I've got to respect Craig's wishes, his family's wishes, my family's wishes and myself - and we don't want to comment on anything."

"I think it's not nice to be putting up articles saying I'm single when nothing is actually confirmed," says Naz.

"They put some stuff in there that's not even true and that just puts more pressure on [Craig and I]."

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