Lorde just went on a major Twitter rant about Trump

trending 16/11/2016

Awwwwwwww shieeeeeeeeeeeet!

Kiwi pop star Lorde has joined the chorus of famous people criticising US president-elect Donald Trump, slamming him as "graceless".

The 'Royals' hitmaker tweeted three messages expressing her dislike of the formerCelebrity Apprentice host and praising President Barack Obama.

"So awful reading transcripts of Trump on 60 Minutes and realising he can barely speak in meaningful, fluent sentences," said the 20-year-old.

"What an artless, graceless man the president-elect is. Obama is a master orator. He uses words so beautifully yet cleanly. Even as a young New Zealander, I remember loving that about him."

Lorde isn't the only New Zealander living in the US to take to social media with negative messages about Mr Trump.

LA-based Kiwi actress Rose McIver proudly posted on Instagram support of Hillary Clinton on US election day last week. Later, she posted a Martin Luther King Jr quote with an impassioned message for the "marginalised populations who are suffering" as Mr Trump won.

Broods, another LA-based Kiwi musical act, published a cover of Tears for Fears hit 'Mad World' the day Mr Trump won, saying it "seemed only appropriate".

Kiwi filmmakers Taika Waititi and David Farrier have both posted more explicit anti-Trump messages since the billionaire's victory.

Waititi also threw into question whether he would be allowed back into the US to finishThor: Ragnarok, but has since confirmed he was.

Along with the Kiwis, countless celebrities from other countries have published messages of displeasure over Mr Trump's win.

Source: Newshub.