Kylie Jenner confirmed as lead singer behind Terror Jr

scandal 08/11/2016

Seriously tho... WHAT THE F*CK?? Kylie Jenner... Reality star, make-up mogul, fashion designer, Snapchat queen, singer?

Remember when Kim K thought it would be a good idea to give music a crack? Well we're surprised if you actually managed to forget... (Trust us, we've tried).

Anyone that says The Kardashians have no talent can think again... Looks like KJ is following in her big sis Kim's footsteps by pursuing a singing career?

Ever since the band 'Terror Jr' debuted the first song (aka the soundtrack for Kylie's "Glosses" video, rumours have been swirling that the youngest of the Jenner clan was the lead singer of the group.

Look it's just as hard for us to believe, but there's some actual proof to prove this...

Clue no. #1: The band's social accounts were created on the same day Kylie dropped her "Glosses". There's literally no evidence of the band existing before Kylie's vid. *Just call us inspector gadget*

Clue no. #2: The band only follows only one person on Twitter... Kylie Jenner.

Clue no. #3: The band are yet to do any interviews.

And to make things just a wee bit more suspicious *OKAY SO IT'S BASICALLY CLEAR TO US NOW THAT KY IS THE LEAD SINGER* a Twitter user just discovered that Kylie's name was included in Terror Jr's American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) registration for “3 Strikes.