Ed Sheeran rushed to hospital after prank gone wrong

scandal 28/11/2016

Ed Sheeran has been rushed to hospital after his face was sliced open by a sword. Yup, that happened.

Princess Beatrice (aka one of the two sisters who wore those fugly fascinators at the Royal Wedding) was joking around at a party improvising a fake-knighting ceremony with British musician James Blunt... you know, as you do.

Beatrice gave the sword a hefty swing without realising that wee ol' Ed was standing right behind her. 

Come on B, get it together girl. Rule number #1, double check international-superstar-pop-sensation-ginger-god Ed Sheeran isn't standing anywhere near the deathly ceremonial blade. Duh, everyone knows that.

Don't stress, he is totally okay. Ed is out of hospital, he even returned to the party after he was stitched up.