We found out how much Adele is going to earn from NZ shows

ICYMI: Adele just sold out all three NZ show's!

This sets a new record for an artist performing THE most number of shows at Mt Smart on a consecutive tour. YOU. GO. GIRL.

We did a lil maths *who are we kidding we got the smart guy down at IT to do it for us* and worked out how much Adele would be earning from her NZ leg of the tour alone, and holy sh*t you're going to want to prepare yourselves for this.

Mt Smart Stadium seats approx 40,000 people, and if all three shows end up selling out that's 120,000 tickets sold. 

Tickets prizes range from $99.00-$299.00, making the average around $186.50.

Times that by the amount of tickets sold (120,000) and you get a casual $22,380,000. 

Yep. Just let that sink in for a minute. That's $22M for 3 nights of work. WHAAAAAAT.

That being said, not all of that money will go straight to Adele, there will be multiple promoter fees, venue hire fees, and crew payments that will be involved.