Adelaide test match tickets mistakenly sell out in 15 mins

trending 22/11/2016

Tickets to a cricket test match in Adelaide sold out within 15 minutes of going on sale due to fans mistaking the event for the Adele concert.

Cricket Australia were predicting a poor turnout for their upcoming Adelaide test match after losing the last two matches of the series... so they were of course surprised to see all the tickets sold out so quickly!

Tbh... it's easy to see why people could have mistaken the Adelaide test match for the Adele concert on Ticketmaster. Just look at the first three letters of the city! 

So will they be getting a refund? NOPEEEEEE.

CA has urged people who have mistakenly purchased tickets to the cricket to hold on to them.

“We understand that you where expecting an emotion-filled performance,” a CA spokesman declared. 

“But you can expect just as many tears from watching our top-order collapse than you will watching the best rendition of ‘Hello’.

“And it’ll last a bit longer than the two hours Adele’s voice can hold out for.”