Apple admits to a MAJOR f*ck up with the iPhone 6S


If you own a iPhone 6S or 6S Plus, you might have been fooled into thinking that you had a decent amount of battery life and then (BAAAAAAAAAAAAYUUUUM!!!) you are suddenly scrambling for your charger like your life depended on it before it dies.

Apple have admitted that the smartphone's battery life percentage icon sometimes freezes and fails to update. Apple said that is investigating this battery percentage issue, which could be the result of a bug.

If you're like us, and were thinking due to this stuff up you were going to be getting your hands on a brand new iPhone... think again.

Currently, your best bet is to restart your iPhone, and then go to Settings - General - Date & Time and turn on "Set Automatically." Apple admits this might not fix the issue permanently, and suggests you should contact Apple Support if your battery percentage gets stuck again.