The Edge presents the Orientation Experience at the University of Waikato

The Edge is STOKED to present the Orientation Experience at the University of Waikato!

Catch The Edge Roadrunners this Orientation on The Village Green to win loads of freebies!

-Feb 22nd The Edge Beer Pong 12-1pm
-Feb 23rd The Edge Winning Wheel 12-1pm
-Feb 24th The Edge Beer Pong 12-1pm

Orientation ‘21 Monday 1st - 6th of March

March 1st:
- 8.30am daily WSU & Red Bull Breakfast of Champions
Start your day off right with the breakfast of champions every morning. Grab a complimentary pancake and Red Bull.

- 11am BurgerFuel Free Fries
Burnt through your course-related costs? BurgerFuel has you covered - remember to get in early.

- 11am-2pm The Edge Briscoes $4k Flat Fund activation

- 1pm Oxford Meat Pie Mile Students compete in a three-lap course that includes eating free meat pies and drinking Red Bull.

-7pm The Edge Open-Air Movie Night  

March 2nd:
-12-1pm The Edge Snowcone Hangover Station

-1pm Shake Out Super Eater
Find out who will win a month’s free Shake Out!

-7pm Shake Out Comedy evening
Join us on the Green on Tuesday night when the WSU brings some of the best stand up comics to campus. 

March 3rd:
-11am-2pm The Edge Briscoes $4k Flat Fund activation
- Clubs Day
With over 100 clubs on the Village Green on Wednesday - there’s something for everyone and every hobby, no matter how strange and quirky.

-7pm WSU Night Market

March 4th:
-1pm Flat Olympics
A more adult take on a sack race, three-legged race, egg and spoon and wheelbarrow race

March 5th:
-1pm WSU Crate Race
Teams of six will drink their first week’s sorrows away by competing in a boat race with a crate of beer. Teams of six, twelve teams.

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