Fritz's Friday Workplace Shout


Everyone looooves a good wiener… especially after a long, hard week of all work and no play! What’s even better than that though, is when it comes to YOU!

Fritz’s Wieners have your back though & they’re keen to provide you and your workplace with the highest quality, mouth watering, smoked bratwurst in a freshly baked baguette bun.

Just text the keyword FRIDAY with your name and workplace to 3343 and The Edge Road-Runners could be dropping in with some delicious, Fritz’s Wieners for your Friday arvo.

If you have a feen for the ween, you can catch them in the Octagon from Tuesday-Friday, 11am-4pm.

Fritz’s Wieners are the best thing since someone thought of putting a bratwurst in a bun.

Terms & Conditions Apply

Fritz's Wieners, too good to share.