The Edge Interns 2020


School might be over (for now...) but soon 2020 will be there and is going to be here and The Edge and Youth Employment Success will be on the hunt for our NEW INTERNS!

The Edge Internship is a year long program for senior students in Dunedin who are thinking about a career or study in Radio and Media.
During the year there will be multiple challenges and activities for The Edge Interns to complete while also providing you with an EXCLUSIVE behind the scenes look at The Edge!

As an Edge Intern we give you the opportunity to gain first hand experience and valuable ‘industry’ knowledge, all while taking on an ambassadorial role at The Edge Otago.

We’re looking for two senior students from each High School in Dunedin.
The internship is unpaid and calls for a year long commitment alongside your school requirements.

If you’re heading into your last year of high school and LOVE everything Edge, chuck your details in the form below to pre-enroll to be an Edge Intern in 2020!

Check out The Edge Interns class of 2019 below…

All supported by Youth Employment Success.
There are over 50 businesses in dunedin willing to give you a hand, check them out on Facebook and Insta  for your head start in the industry!