The Edge Otago Road Runners

We lovvvve hitting the streets of Dunedin with loads of freebies to give away!
Thanks to our driving force from the team at The University Book Shop we’re gonna be doing a lot more of it!

Keep an eye out on The Edge Otago Facebook page to be the first in line for all the giveaways!

This month keep an eye out and Catch up with The Edge Otago Road Runners for your chance to score heaps of gifts and treats thanks to The University Book Shop, your UBS for Spreading the Magic of Christmas, 7 Days on Great King Street.

The Edge Road Runners will be all over Dunedin with (PRIZE ELEMENT) so keep an ear out on 91.8 The Edge Otago to hear where we’re pulling up!

Be sure to get in store ASAP (which is even easier with late night Fridays up until Christmas! YUSSS)

All ways seem to miss The Edge Road Runners? Don’t worry we got you…
Tell us where you want us to pull up below….

Every month the team from The University Book Shop do the hard lifting for you and pick out a new book to become your obsession!!
It might not be on the bestsellers' lists; it might not be a movie-tie-in edition of the latest blockbuster; it might not even be from an author (or publisher) that you even recognise!
BUUUUUT It will be the book you won't be able to put down all month!