The Edge Auckland Road Runners with Loaded Electrolyte Sports Drink & Mentos


The Edge Road Runners are hitting the streets of Auckland each week with tonnes of free stuff all thanks to Loaded Electrolyte Sports Drink & Mentos

Loaded has been specifically engineered by leading technologists to contain 2050mg per litre of electrolytes. Electrolytes enhance and regulate the hydration of the body. They are critical for nerve and muscle function which enables you to perform at your optimal level.

While Mentos are smooth on the outside, full of yummy chewy freshness on the inside - just like you.

Sweeten your day with their new CompliMentos with 1 of 16 different compliments on the back of the pack to make someone smile.

Plus, find the road runners at hot spots all over Auckland with your free Loaded Electrolyte drinks and Mentos to power you through!