Model's unhealthy Kim K obsession has surgeons worried

trending 10/05/2017

This former model's unhealthy Kim Kardashian obsession has surgeons seriously worried...

A model says she won't stop getting surgery "until my butt is bigger than Kim Kardashian's".

Jennifer Pamplona, 24, has had countless surgeries and spent more than NZ$250,000 to look like her idol.

The Brazilian used to catwalk for Versace, but was bullied for her small frame, fuelling an obsession for an hourglass figure.

Pamplona says she plans to ignore her surgeons and go for an 'impossible' 700ml fat injection into her behind.

Pamplona once dated the 'human Ken Doll' Celso Santebanes, who died of Leukaemia in 2014.