This couple makes $9000 per Instagram photo while travelling

trending 06/04/2017

Ummmmmm, where do we get a job like this? 

This couple have the absolute dream job... they get paid to travel the world and document their experiences on Instagram.

And by getting paid, we mean they get paid a whopping $9,000 (USD) per Instagram photo.

Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen have been living it up on Instagram together for about a year now, after meeting for the first time in Fiji. 

The #CoupleGoals duo recently shared a few tips and tricks that got them to where they are today... 

“I edit all my photos in the same kindof style with my own lightroom presets,” he said of their dreamy ‘matching’ effect. He also added that the couple mostly shoots around 1 hour after sunrise, since that tends to be the quietest time of day."

Neither of them will take less than $3000 USD for a post.