Starbucks released 'dragon frappuchinos' and no one noticed

Pics 26/04/2017

So apparently 'magical dragon frappuccinos' are a thing and no one even cares...

With all the hype over the new 'unicorn frappaccinos' from Starbucks, everyone completely missed the launch of the new 'magical dragon frappuccinos' and it's pretty upsetting to say the least.The new drink came about after the unicorn frapp's were in such high demmand that stores couldn't keep up with the orders, so they were left with no other option but to create an equally as colourful drink!

Introducing... the magical dragon frappuccino! 

Customers have started taking to Instagram with snaps of their fave new frapp, and it looks f*cking delish.

Let's hope NZ jumps on the bandwagon and starts serving these bad boys up ASAP...