Can you spot the snake in this photo?

trending 28/04/2017

Remember last year when the internet went CRAZY trying to find the cellphone hidden in a photo, well now it's happening again and it's frightening!

A US scientist has proven how effective the venomous copperhead snake is, posting a photo of one in its natural environment which has stumped the internet.

Florida Institute of Technology PhD student Helen Plylar, who studies snakes, was sent a photo from a friend of the copperhead in the midst of dead leaves and detritus on the ground.

"Can you spot the snake?" she posted on Twitter.

The task was easier said than done, with many not able to spot the snake which are common sight in North America.

Even when Ms Plylar posted a photo with the pit viper outlined, it is still difficult to make out proving the reptile's astounding ability to blend in with its surroundings.

Their venom is relatively mild and bites are rarely fatal for humans.

As a pit viper, the copperhead has heat sensory pits between the eye and nostril on each side of its head which can detect very minor changes in temperatures. That allows them to accurately strike the source of heat - often their potential prey.