The most popular drinking games ranked by Instagram hashtags

Pics 02/03/2017

We don't know about you, but this week has felt like it continues to drag on. We're already planning a big weekend. 

CollegeStats has compiled information from Instgrams uni students to figure out just what goes down in higher education parties...

It will probably come as no purprise that the number drinking game is...

Beer Pong

It's just so easy. The classic red cups and ping pongs balls are usually lying right next to each other at the supermarket. 


OK, so we are unsure how this made it to second place, especially with the fact that yjos is a study on uni students. What sort of student has any spare change!?

Flip Cup

Flip cup seems all well and good, until you're completely drunk and can't manage to get the cup to land upside down. 

Power Hour

Now for this bloody game that seems dangerous on the bladder. A shot of beer every minute for an hour...

Sorry, but where is Kings Cup a.k.a Circle Of Death on this list...