The internet can't decide what colour these strawberries are

Pics 03/03/2017

Oh dear, it looks like we've got another "blue or white dress" scenario on our hands... but this time it's strawberries!

The internet is seriously losing their sh*t over this pic of strawberries. 

It was shared on Twitter by a Japanese "experiment psychologist" called Akiyoshi Kitaoka, and it appears to show a bunch of red strawberries on a tart.

It also *seems* to be filtered with a blue hue, right? WRONG.

There is not a single red strawberry in this picture, according to Kitaoka they are actually grey with a hint of green.

The picture is an optical illusion, demonstrating colour constancy – whereby your brain is trying to rationalise the image.

Expert on visual perception from the National Eye Institute, Bevil Conway, says the baffling image is an example of the brain 'colour correcting the world' when it is filtered through a different light.

Naturally, the image has blown up on Twitter with users trying to work out the science behind it . 

What colours do you see?