Girl uses Tinder to make money, youll wish you thought of it

trending 28/03/2017

'Income' is not usually the first word you think of when you think of Tinder. Yet, somehow, this Tinder pro used the dating app for exactly that. 

One minute you're chatting to potential matches, and the next you're bring in the cash money. 

These screenshots of how this girl made money off Tinder will have you sprinting to download the app right away. 

Step one: she makes a simple request.

Step two: establish contact and keep promises enticing, but vague.

Step three: Cut off communication

Step four: look at your easy work with a smile

As funny as this story is, some might find it a bit cruel to take advantage of people because they are attracted to you. However, going by these images, Maggie never lied about what she would offer the people she was in contact with...