KFC combines fried chicken with pizza to create the 'Chizza'

trending 08/02/2017

KFC have just announced that they will now be adding pizzas (or "Chizzas" as they call them) to their menu.

KFC Singapore have announced via their Facebook page that they're adding a new item to their menu. 

They've labeled it the '#UltimateMashup' and basically what it is a pizza, but instead of a dough base - it's pure KFC chicken.

People from around the world are commenting on KFC's Facebook post (seen above), hoping they can get their hands on one of these bad boys soon.

There's still no word from KFC NZ about whether or not we'll get this little slice of heaven, but we sure as hell hope this hits our shores soon because it looks like the ultimate smoko feed.

KFC have christened the new item '#Chizza' and say that more info will be released soon.