Emma Watson gave life advice to commuters for only $2

Pics 17/02/2017

We'd give a lot more thean just $2 foradvice from Emma Watson.

Heck, we'd pay that just to make eye contact with her. She is Hermione Granger afterall, and who would turn that offer down.

Some lucky people in New York City got the chance to make eye-contact with.

Watson was spotted at Grand Central Station... sort of.

Vanity Far's "Man on the Street" Derek Blasberg, was carrying around a make-shift booth with an iPad and a sign that said, "Advice from Emma Watson, $2". Which is how Emma managed to be "in" Grand Central Station.

Emma was on a video call on the iPad, and commuters were filmed chatting with the actress via webcam.

No one really knows why Emma was doing this or where that money will be going, but no doubt we'll be finding out soon in an upcoming Vanity Fair video.

Emma Watson is going to be playing a key character i an upcoming thriller about technology, "The Circle."

Maybe, just maybe, it's promoting that...